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Renewable energies

Choose to rely on Boffetti group for effective consultancy on renewable energies throughout Italy

Boffetti S.P.A. accepted the challenge of environmental safeguard

The utilization of energy and its production may be managed in a process of change in which the exploitation of resources and the orientation of technological development are made consistent with future needs. On these grounds Boffetti undertakes to strive for excellence in the sector of renewable energies. With a team of engineers and specialists, Boffetti has been researching innovative turn-key solutions.

We erect plants for the production of energy from sources that either by their nature cannot be depleted in human timescales or can be easily regenerated, such as sun, water, wind, biomasses, bio fuel and waste (RSU).

How to make the most of the resources of renewable energy

Boffetti S.P.A. is committed to projects aimed at the development of smart grids, which have the goal of contributing to the increase of the percentage of energy in the grids produced through renewable sources. An intelligent grid, A Smart Grid indeed, which will enable the interaction of producers and consumers, and will adapt with flexibility to the production and consumption of electrical energy.

Boffetti, in order to further underline its commitment, has also built a photovoltaic plant for its premises in Chignolo d’Isola, where a 200 kWp plant has been installed.