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Boffetti. Always Power Ahead

Boffetti S.p.A. has been contributing to the success of its customers since 1982.


High, medium and low voltage electrical systems and developing networks for utilities, industries and infrastructures are its core business.


We design, manufacture and supply products, software, technologies and groundbreaking solutions for electrical distribution, plant management and integration into modern Smart Grids.


The markets of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America are where we operate through our sales and service network.


We believe in business ethics and environmental sustainability, and apply these principles in our dealings with customers, our production activities, the development of new products and in our choice of suppliers.

Integrated solutions and state-of-the-art products

Acting as main contractor, Boffetti provides technical advice and proposes the best solutions, performs the economic evaluation of the supply, integrates products and equipment in compliance with regulations and certifies the conformity of the complete system.


It designs, tests and realizes, entirely in its own plants, all the products and systems of a plant and always guarantees competitiveness, reliability and punctuality of deliveries.

All-in-One Solutions for Energy
Boffetti S.p.A. was established in 1982 by Giovanni Boffetti and since its very first years in business, has always stood out for its amazing propensity to expand towards numerous markets thanks to expertise, quality products and the ability to accurately comply with customer requests.
image All-in-One Solutions for Energy
image Work with us
Work with us

Boffetti is a dynamic, determined company with a passion for innovation. Each new challenge is not only a job opportunity, but it is the fuel that pushes our limits forward, to look for new technological solutions, to constantly improve our products, every day.


If you wish to continue your professional path with us, we are pleased to welcome you in our company. You will find a safe, friendly, inclusive and global environment. We will help you to grow and evolve professionally, through training courses and with the support of experienced people. With us you will be able to express your potential at its best.


If you want to build your future with us, discover our proposals and how to apply.

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